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When filling out the Request Form, if you are not sure of any answer, ( i.e. -  how many people, or for how long you need the toilet(s), or how many toilets you need), don't worry. We will be contacting you to discuss your requirements and we can make our recommendations so you receive what you want at the best economical value.

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Our Online Portable Toilet Request Form is a good starting point to determine your needs. After reviewing your request form, Foothill Portables will contact you so we can discuss  your request.  There are many factors that go into our recommendation so you can have complete satisfaction with the conditions and performance of your toilets.   Some of these factors include (but are not limited to): How Many People Will Be Using The Toilets, How Long Do You Need the Toilets,  If For An Event, Whether Or Not Alcohol Is Served,  How Often You Have It Serviced.  An example of your options would be 2 toilets serviced weekly vs. 4 toilets serviced every other week.  We can discuss the cost differences so you can have the most economical solution  with satisfactory  conditions.  With any service frequency choice you make,  rest assured  we will let you know if we feel the unit(s) are being service too often for the usage or not often enough.  Foothill Portables main goal is your complete satisfaction. We will have the cleanest units found anywhere with outstanding service!

Copperopolis    (209)  785-6160
Murphys            (209)  728-3558
Arnold                (209)  795-5177

Copperopolis    (209)  785-6163
Valley Springs  (209)  786-6160
Arnold                (209)  795-5177