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            Just-A-Toilet    Regular Poly      Sink Poly      Handicap      Trailer Mounted

Toilet options

Copperopolis    (209)  785-6160
Murphys            (209)  728-3558
Arnold                (209)  795-5177

Amador County (209)  223-4411

Sonora  (209)  588-8511

Special Event Units (With Or Without Sinks)   Options

We have clean units with good appearance available for special events (i.e. weddings - parties) We can provide units with sinks or without sinks.  If you choose units without sinks, we can provide the optional Free Standing Hand Wash Stations.

Options:  We have Secondary Containment Trays available for regular units.  We also have 250 Gallon Holding Tanks Available

Solar Powered Flushing Toilet With Running Water

      This unit has: Porcelain Toilet

  • Counter with Sink and Running Water

  • Lights

  • Attendant - this unit comes to your event with an Attendant to keep the unit clean and assist your guests

Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Paper (2 rolls 2 Ply)

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Foaming Hand Soap

Hand Washing Sinks

Paper Towel Dispenser


Bug Spray

Locations in Copperopolis, Valley Springs and Arnold, CA

Free Standing Two Station Sinks/Hand Washing Station

      These units include:

  • Each Station Has Two  Sinks  (picture shows 2 stations)

  • Foaming Hand Soap & Paper Towels

  • Self-Contained Water and Gray Water Storage - Foot Pump

Special Event Units

​​​​​Foothill Portable's Service CAN'T BE BEAT  Our Units are the CLEANEST Our Service is OUTSTANDING

Just A Toilet

Foothill Portable Toilet Models


Copperopolis    (209)  785-6163
Valley Springs  (209)  786-6160
Arnold                (209)  795-5177

Foothill Sanitary Septic

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Calaveras, Tuolumne, Amador , San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties