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Foothill Sanitary Septic  provides a very thorough and  complete service for Restaurant Grease Trap Interceptors. In addition to pumping, we also wash and scrape the walls to remove the accumulated grease.  We will take out and clean any normally removable components of the grease trap interceptor.  Depending on the type of  system, these removable components may include: baffles, filters and strainer baskets. Foothill Sanitary Septic offers maintenance contracts for restaurant grease trap interceptor service with a  regular schedule for your peace of mind. We understand the importance for your restaurant to maintain the good atmosphere your customers have come to enjoy and expect. Foothill Sanitary Septic offers early morning hours for grease trap interceptor service. This allows plenty of time for the smells from a grease trap service to dissipate before your customers arrive. We always strive for our customers to have a pleasant experience with us.

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5 pump trucks   3,600 gallon
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Foothill Sanitary Septic  performs septic tank and system installations. We provide excavation services with our KX41-3V  excavator for everyday digging.  It is small enough to fit in most back yards but still large enough to get the job done. It has rubber crawler tread so as to not inflict damage to lawns and sidewalks like an excavator with steel track treads.  Larger equipment is used when doing septic tank installations.  A septic system has many components that need to be taken into consideration. From site evaluation, system design, soil percolation testing to installation and service, Foothill Sanitary Septic can help you get started in the right direction. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your system with you and what the process entails.

 Tank Installation

Foothill Sanitary Septic installs risers and lids for your septic tank. A riser is an extension from the top of the tank to the surface.  For tanks that are buried, you have to dig each and every time you pump, service, inspect or repair a problem in the septic tank(s).  If you feel the cost does not justify the expense of having risers installed, think about the accumulated cost of having your septic contractor locating your tank and  digging up your yard on every visit,  or the accumulated hours you save if you have chosen to dig it up yourself each time.  Risers and lids will pay for themselves over time. With risers installed, the cost of an emergency call during the weekend or after hours  can be reduced significantly, thereby, paying for the riser installation cost on one visit.  We recommend having them installed when performing maintenance, when the tank is already located and the yard is already dug up.  When installing risers Foothill Sanitary Septic uses only high quality epoxy sealant vs. foam to ensure a water tight seal.  For those concerned about being able to see the lid, some of our customers have covered them with  decorative           ◄   landscape rocks designed for that purpose.  Give us a call if you are interested in having risers installed.

 Electronic Tank Location



 Tank Risers & Lids

Vericomm® monitoring is available from Foothill Sanitary Septic  for Orenco's AdvanTex® systems. Via a phone line at your control panel, your system can be monitored and send alarm or malfunction notifications to Foothill Sanitary Septic.   Upon receiving,  Foothill Sanitary Septic will notify the owner and schedule a technician to rectify the problem. The technician will troubleshoot to determine the cause and repair the problem. There is no charge for the Monitoring of your Vericomm ® panel.  Call us today for more information and to find out if this worthwhile monitoring program  is a fit for you and your system.  For more information, click on the link to view a Vericomm ®   brochure  ►               

  Vericomm® Monitoring

Foothill Sanitary Septic is equipped with the latest equipment that allows us to find your tank using transmitters and sensing technology.  As a full service septic company, we have to locate septic tanks all the time in order to inspect, repair, pump and maintain the systems.  Many systems are completely buried and we have to dig in order to get to the access lids.   As a homeowner you need to know where your septic tank and drain field is located.  You need to know this so you don't drive over the tanks or drain field or construct a patio, building or shed over the top of your system, eventually blocking access. If you are unsure of the location of your tank, Foothill Sanitary Septic can locate the tank for you before you construct that shed our pour that concrete patio.  We have cut holes in the floors of sheds and jack hammered concrete patios as a result of the property owner not knowing where the tank was located and building over the top. We also use cameras to inspect the inside of your piping.      

 Maintenance Contracts 

 Just like changing the oil in your car and doing other auto maintenance, every septic system requires some form of maintenance. Foothill Sanitary Septic offers contracts for maintenance for peace of mind.  We will notify you when the maintenance is due so you don't have to worry about it. There is no upfront cost for a maintenance contract, we only invoice after the work is performed. If you sign up for a maintenance contract in advance, your price is locked in. Foothill Sanitary Septic contracts show a Scope of Work  so our customers know what they are getting.  Being on a regular maintenance schedule will increase the life span of your septic system. Foothill Sanitary Septic will also educate our customers on what type of system they have and how to properly use it. Knowledge is essential.  Foothill Sanitary Septic is here so your septic system is not a headache for you. We offer maintenance contracts for servicing grease traps as well.  Foothill Sanitary Septic offers a Components -  Parts Warranty for Engineered Systems that we inspect.  The warranty covers Pumps, Floats and Control Panel components where you have a flat rate cost that will cover these items.           Please call us or request a maintenance contract online ►                                            

Foothill Sanitary Septic   is a  California State Licensed Sanitation Contractor and  a Certified Orenco Provider for AdvanTex® Systems & Vericomm® .   We perform very thorough and complete inspections for  Real Estate transactions, Mortgage Refinance and for Home Owners / Property Owners.  We provide a written report of our findings.    For more information & detail on our inspection services, please visit our Septic Inspections Page by clicking the READ MORE link  ►

To request an inspection, please give us a call or fill out our online Inspection Request Form  ►

 Septic Inspections

 Septic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance is also essential to keep your system running. This is especially  critical on advanced systems, with pumps, float, control panels & filters.  We perform a very thorough maintenance and inspection on your system.  During routine maintenance we open the entire system. All components  are checked, cleaned and flushed. We are also looking for signs  of any problems or potential problems. During routine service we measure and check the solids. We will forecast when the next pumping is needed. We will report to you all of our findings and any recommendations.   After maintenance is performed on all engineered systems, Foothill Sanitary Septic completes the manufacturer's paperwork that gets sent to them as well as the owner. Doing this keeps your septic system compliant for any warranties that might still be available. It also develops a history for your system showing proper care and maintenance has been provided by a certified provider. Keeping good records of any repair, maintenance or pumping is recommended by Foothill Sanitary Septic because if you ever sell your property, you have a record to show a buyer.  To see a detailed breakdown of what items are included on a maintenance, visit our Septic Maintenance Page by clicking the READ MORE link to the right  ►

Pumping the solids out of  BOTH sides your septic tank at the appropriate interval is one of the most "ESSENTIAL"  items  you can do to keep your system running effectively.  Lack of pumping is one of the most common reasons of major failure. The higher the level of solids in your tank, means more suspended solids going to your drain field plugging the soil absorption. Nothing  removes the solids/sludge from your tank except pumping.  Even city sewer treatment plants need to get rid of their solids. They are typically sent to drying beds where the solids can be removed from the premises. The frequency of pumping will vary on many factors. A typical household  needs to be pumped every 3 - 5 years.  It can be sooner or longer, it all depends on the number of occupants, usage and the size of the tank. If you are on a regular maintenance contract or if we perform maintenance on a call basis, we will monitor the amount of solids on each visit, re-evaluate and forecast the next expected pumping recommendation.    Foothill Sanitary Septic  has 5 pumping trucks available ranging from 3,600 gallons to 250 gallons providing our customers the equipment necessary to get to the location and get the job done. We pump septic tanks, holding tanks and also perform RV pumping.

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Foothill Sanitary Septic is a full service septic systems company for any and all of  your septic system needs.  A septic system on your property is your waste water treatment plant.  A septic system differs from a sewer system in the fact the property owner is responsible for the septic system maintenance. Septic system care  requires daily management by using the system properly.  The owner's knowledge of the care and maintenance requirements for their septic system is an essential first step in ensuring a healthy septic system. The owner should know what type of system they have,  the property location of the septic tank and drain field  and acquire the basic knowledge of how it works. With this knowledge, the owner can better understand  the importance of proper care.  Please visit our web site pages on   "Septic Dos & Don'ts,    "Septic Systems - Basic Operation"  and  "Types of Systems"   and spend a few minutes to learn about these topics.

In addition to the day to day care by the homeowner, Periodic maintenance and pumping is required and "essential" to keep your septic system working properly. 

Foothill Sanitary Septic is here to help you with the periodic servicing, pumping, maintenance and repairs of your septic system so your system is not a headache or problem for you.  We also offer maintenance contracts and components parts warranties to give you peace of mind.

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Foothill Sanitary Septic  performs many services that are particular to your drain field.  The drain field is one of the three main components of a septic system. It is critical the drain filed works as it was designed - to distribute the waste water uniformly so the soil can absorb the water without being over loadedFoothill Sanitary Septic can jet the leach lines to clear obstructions and repair damaged lines. In some instances the blockage of the drain pipes is caused by roots. Foothill Sanitary Septic can extract the roots. We also have a product that can be put in the discharged waste water every 6 months to inhibit the growth of roots near your drain  pipes.  Contact us  for more information on our root maintenance product. Failure of the soil to absorb the water (generally caused from lack of periodic pumping of the solids from the tank causing the soil to clog)  can be a very serious and very expensive problem to repair. We have had great success in restoring failed drain fields without having to replace the entire drain filed by installing a Remediation System by Aquaworx. Foothill Sanitary Septic is a certified installer for the Aquaworx Remediator.  ◄  Click on the Aquaworx link to the left to view the brochure or give us a call for more information on the Aquaworx Remediator