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Common Signs & Symptoms
of an Unhealthy Septic System

Septic Problems

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Common  Symptoms

**  To hear what an alarm sounds like, press the play button in the Septic Alarm Sound box above.  If there are lights on the front panel of the control box, make a note of which light is on. On AdvanTex Systems, the "Recirculation Alarm" or the "Discharge Alarm".   On Sand Filter Systems the top light will be marked "Septic Tank"  and the bottom light will be marked  "Sand Filter"                                                                                            See the picture  

Problems with septic systems can be due to many reasons. It is Foothill Sanitary Septic's  business to  determine the cause of the problem(s). We will not only repair the problem but get to what caused the problem in the first place. We address the cause as well as the solution. Some of the common causes of failure include (but not limited to)  crushed or broken pipes, root intrusion into the laterals, clogged soil affecting soil absorption (from a variety of reasons), the septic tank is overfull with solids, configuration parameters are incorrect for usage and excess water being introduced into the system, whether through overuse or leaking toilets or faucets. .

If you are experiencing any of the problems that are or are not listed on this page below and have any questions, please call us to discuss and schedule a service call. Alarms; if sounded, signal a problem that will not fix itself.  The longer a problem is left unattended, the more problems it can create. Some problems have a cascading effect that can escalate repair costs.  Surfacing waste water creates an unhealthy environment for you and your neighbors

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Click the Play Button   to hear what the Alarm Sounds Like

Note: if the Alarm Sound continues to play over and over,  make sure the 3/4 circle            in the red box has not been selected. If selected it will be black meaning the alarm      sound repeats continuously. To stop the repeat mode, click on the 3/4 circle and it will stop. The 3/4 circle should now be gray 

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