It is evident why having a very  thorough and complete inspection of the "ENTIRE SYSTEM" is critical. "ALL" components need to be checked out completely, not just one component or another.  "One missed component" or item can and will affect another component or even the entire septic system.

* Note:  A Foothill Sanitary Septic Inspection is not a guarantee or warranty about the condition of the system, but rather, reports the current condition of the  system to the customer.

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●  After pumping, our Very Exhaustive Inspection is performed.

After pumping and inspecting  the tank(s) plus all components in regards to code compliance and water tightness, we then check all other items of the system  which may include (but not limited to): 

● Control Panels        ● Logo Computers          ● Floats              ● Pumps      
● Splice Boxes            ● Anti-siphon valve         ● Check valves  ● Ball valves
● Laterals                    ● Monitoring wells          ● Valve boxes    ● Clean outs
● Filters                       ● Risers & Lids                ● Any other equipment. 
Regardless of the system type, every item is checked for operation. Upon request,  Foothill Sanitary Septic  can camera and measure/mark all standard leach laterals and D-Boxes.

● A Timed Load/Water Test  is also performed on the leach field. The field is evaluated on how well it did or did not accept the "Industry Standard" test.

Inflow & Infiltration  (I & I)  We inspect for signs of any inflow and infiltration. All tanks, risers, inlets and outlets must be water tight as per code. Firstly, if a tank is not water tight, waste water can leave the tank and go straight into the ground without any treatment. Secondly, if waste water can go out, then ground water can come in (this is what is known as I&I).  When it rains and the ground gets saturated, ground water can enter the system. This can cause leach field saturation as additional water is introduced to the tank through I&I which can be more than your leach field can absorb. You will see water ponding over your leach field or running above the ground. On dosing systems, the computer can sound audible alarms. I&I also lets red worms make it through into your system filter pod (if you have this type of system). The worm's waste, called "castings" clog the filters causing ponding and ruins the pretreatment your system was designed for.

● First we need to explain the reason for pumping the tank or tanks.

The normal riding level of waste water in a tank is approximately 4 feet deep, with a floating scum layer and a bottom solids layer. If a tank is not pumped prior to inspection, a proper visual inspection cannot be performed as no one can see through 4 feet of waste water.  The tank floor & sidewalls, the tank center seam/seal, the tank baffle and the complete inlet/outlet sanitary tees are not visible for inspection and system evaluation without pumping the tank first.

Think of it like this: You would not take a car; you are potentially going to purchase, to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection / evaluation and ask the mechanic to check it out but to not open the hood. This would defeat the purpose of the pre-purchase inspection with a restricting limitation of not being allowed to open the hood.

Additionally most counties require a person or business conducting septic system inspections and evaluations to be certified through COWA and NAWT,  (California Onsite Wastewater Association & National Association of Wastewater Transporters). Although COWA and NAWT teach Pumping is Mandatory and "Must be Done" prior to a system inspection/evaluation, this is generally not enforced.

Foothill Sanitary Septic; driven by our philosophy to never waver in our integrity and honesty and commitment to provide outstanding workman ship, will not perform an inspection without pumping the tank first. The cost of a tank replacement could range between $3,000 to $6,000 dollars, so we make sure the job is performed correctly. If we can't provide a complete evaluation, it is not reasonable or proper to do so.  

Foothill Sanitary Septic   is a California State Licensed Sanitation Contractor. We provide inspection services for real estate transactions, mortgage refinancing and for homeowners.

For whatever the reason and inspection is being requested, Foothill Sanitary Septic performs a very complete and very thorough inspection.

Our inspection consists of a complete pump out of the septic tank or tanks and a timed Load Test to the leach field, sand filter or other type of pre-treatment systems.  All components of the system are inspected, no matter what type of septic system

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Foothill Sanitary Septic provides a 5 page detailed evaluation report the next morning after the day of the inspection. Foothill Sanitary Septic will also accept / make phone calls to  / from buyers and sellers to discuss the inspection findings and  will gladly educate new owners of how to properly care for their septic system.  It is our job that your system is not a headache or nuisance to you or the neighborhood.  If you have any questions, please feel free call us at   at (209) 785-6163.  If you would like to request an inspection, please give us a call or fill out our online Inspection Request Form ►

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