Every Foothill Portable unit receives:

  • Two rolls of two ply toilet tissue
  • Health Guard toilet seat covers
  • Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Foothill Portable Toilets

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Foothill Portable Toilet Service is unlike any other.  We actually clean and disinfect the entire unit.  Foothill Portable Toilet's Service consists of the following:

  • Complete pumping out and rinsing of the tank
  • From roof to floor, the unit is washed and scrubbed with Eco Lab disinfectant
  • The entire unit is then rinsed down
  • The entire inside of the unit is towel dried
  • The urinal is sprayed with a chemical and scrubbed so there is never any urinal scale build up in our units
  • A variety of fragrance sprays are used to help keep our clean, disinfected units smelling good.
  • Foothill Portables uses only quality paper products in our units

Your Service Provider will always be kind and courteous. If you need units relocated while they are on site, please feel free to ask the driver. All of us at Foothill Portables are here not only to provide the best service with the cleanest toilets, but to assist you with all of your portable toilet needs.

Foothill Portable Toilet's  Service Can't Be Beat!

"Our Units Are The Cleanest "

"Our Service is Outstanding"

Foothill Portable Toilets

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Just A Toilet

Foothill Portable Toilets

Call us about advertising your business by placing ads on our toilets.   Our Toilets are placed in many locations that are highly visible.  On job sites, many different trades use our toilets, from carpenters and plumbers to electricians and drywall contractors and more.  At large events such as concerts, many different people from all businesses come into contact with our toilets. Our advertising is inexpensive and can reach a great multitude of people.

Foothill Portables has a wide selection of toilets with different features to meet all of your specific needs.  Our models, all of which are clean and disinfected, range from a Regular well stocked unit, to units with sinks,  from Handicap or ADA units to Special Event units with solar power flushing toilets that come with an attendant to keep the unit clean and assist your guests. We have trailer mounted toilets for those applications where portability is a requirement, such as agricultural or roadside work.  We have free standing hand wash stations also available.  Check out our  "Toilet Options"  page to see the details and features of each model so you can select the model that is right for you. We also pump out RV tanks.

Give us a call or fill out our  "Online Request Form"  so we can discuss your needs. Depending on the number of people and usage, and how often you want the toilet(s) serviced, (i.e. - 1 x week, 2 x week, every other week, etc.)  we can recommend the number of toilets and the frequency of service so your experience with Foothill Portable Toilets is what you should expect - outstanding.  No job or event is too small or too big.

Check out what our services include:  

Just -A-Toilet

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Just-A-Toilet portable toilet service is also like no other in its own way.  I decided years ago, that Foothill Portable Toilet's service would not be compromised service wise in order to compete for pricing with competitors who do what  I call the "Pump and "Run.  "Pump and Run" (by competitors) includes this:  Pump tank or short pump tank (taking floating debris only, Squirt water inside (no cleaning), Supply one ply paper, done in 1.5 minutes. If your only desire is having the least expensive unit possible, "I HAVE IT" with Just-A-Toilet

  Just-A-Toilet  Service is:

  • Complete pump out of tank and rinse interior of tank
  • Spray entire inside of unit with disinfectant and rinse out
  • Toilet Seat Only is towel dried
  • The urinal is sprayed with a chemical and scrubbed so there is never any urinal scale build up in our units
  • Squeegee the unit floor
  • Install two rolls of two ply paper

If you want to save even more money, you can choose to supply your own toilet paper and we will reduce our service price as well.  Pick and choose your service and build a price that fits your needs.

Kevin Gause

Foothill Portables also maintains the outside appearance of our units as well. We spray for ants or spiders if necessary. Units that sit under trees will sometimes get spiders

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