Other Problems       (Discovered during inspections and corrected)

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Hydrogen Sulfide  Problems       (Eating away at your concrete tank)

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Foothill Sanitary Septic believes in doing the job right. Our workmanship is not only above the rest, we also go the extra mile and always have future prevention of problems in mind.  By taking extra measures to help prevent future problems, we can fulfill our commitment to our customers to provide the best service possible, never cut corners and stand behind our workmanship.

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These pictures are indications of improperly maintained systems. When the leach field (drain field or absorption field) fails, the soil no longer absorbs the effluent. The pictures above show evidence of leach field failure. Failures in the D-box or clogged pipes can affect the even distribution of the effluent and cause a portion of the  drain field to be overloaded by receiving more water than what is normal.  If the solids in the tank aren't pumped out at the appropriate intervals, excess solids can pass to the drain trenches and accumulate in the soil creating an intensive bio-mat that becomes too thick. When this occurs, soil absorption stops. The effluent can fill the trenches showing on the surface of the drain field.  The effluent can even back up into the septic tank and eventually into the household. Once the soil becomes plugged, the solution is very costly. Pump your tank at the proper intervals to prevent the headaches and extensive costs to repair.

Problems with Laterals     (Drainage pipes in leach field)

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Roots seek water.  Without maintenance and inspection, your system can become overtaken by roots in a short amount of time. Roots can get into unsealed tanks, pipes, pre-treatment filters and completely engulf the working components. With periodic inspections we can catch root intrusion and make the necessary repairs before they becomes a major problem. Foothill Sanitary Septic can also chemically treat to prevent root growth as a preventative measure.  Give us a call and we can discuss how to keep this from happening to your system. 

Failed Leach Fields     (When the soil just can't take it anymore)

Roots        (Can be a "growing" problem")

The lateral pipes in the leach field will accumulate some amount of solids that are suspended in the effluent.  Regular flushing of the laterals at the proper intervals is a very important maintenance item in order to keep the leach field operating properly.  Not pumping the septic tank at the proper interval is a major cause of excessive solids accumulating in the laterals. Pouring grease down the drain is also a problem for laterals.  The pictures above show evidence of a lack of maintenance or proper care.  Flushing will remove the solids from the lateral pipes before they become clogged and result in uneven distribution of the effluent drainage which leads to leach field failure. Make sure you have your septic system maintained before your system gets to this point. Contact us today on setting up a periodic maintenance schedule for your system.

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Hydrogen Sulfide gases can be a major problem with systems that have concrete tanks and concrete D-boxes.   Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a byproduct of the anaerobic digestion that occurs in a common septic tank. In oxygen deficient environments, the H2S gas mixes with the water to form sulfuric acid which will eat away at your concrete  and steel components. There is no practical way to reverse the damage. Fortunately, further deterioration can be reduced or eliminated by eliminating the root cause.  You should have your tank inspected on a periodic maintenance program so we can find these problems before they ruin the structural integrity of your tank.  

Foothill Sanitary Septic discover many problems that are detrimental to the health of your septic system.  The pictures above show some of the problems we discovered during inspections and maintenance.  Unsealed or improperly sealed inlets allow inflow infiltration into your system. We look for the structural integrity of your tank. We discover problems such as electrical boxes full of water, red worms, overfull tanks due to leaky toilets, improper repairs or external equipment placement.  By inspecting and maintaining your system, Foothill Sanitary Septic can discover and correct some of these problems before they become major issues leading to system failure.